Super Aero

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  1. Hero Practice Super Bundle-Blem

    Hero Practice Super Bundle-Blem
    Build your own Custom Hero Practice Super Bundle filled with Hero Blem discs.
    With the purchase of a combination of Hero Disc USA Blem discs you will receive a Hero Super DISCount!
    Choose from our Air, Xtra, Super Sonic, Superstar, Superhero, or SuperAero Blem discs (based on availability).
    Hero is throwing in our popular Practice Bag into the discount mix.
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  2. Hero Super Aero - Starlite

    Hero Super Aero - Starlite
    (formerly known as 2nd generation Super Aero)
    The Super Aero ~ Starlite is an advanced durability disc that is much lighter than it's Super Star counterpart.
    Light weight plus durable plastic equals longer and more consistent throws with your favorite companion!

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