Dodgebee 235

Dodgebee! A fast paced, exciting disc game!
  1. Dodgebee Combo - 2 Disc Set  

    Dodgebee Combo - 2 Disc Set

    Dodgebee-2 Disc Set for one great price! 2 Great Dodgebee Discs in One set! 1 each. Size 235 and 270 Colors are mixed Learn More

  2. Dodgebee 235  

    Dodgebee 235

    The Dodgebee 235 is the next size down from the official Dodgebee 270. Smaller means faster which makes for a quicker game of Dodgebee for those into a speedier game. Played with the same basic rules of dodge ball, the Dodgebee transforms from a fun to throw flying disc into an international game of competition. All age groups can play, and annual international championships are now held bringing all levels of play to the competition field. Learn More