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  1. Innova HeroPack Disc Backpack  

    Innova HeroPack Disc Backpack

    Due to overwhelming customer demand, Innova and Hero Disc USA are proud to announce Innova's first backpack bag! With space for a score and more discs, you'll be free to concentrate on your game. HeroPack is for everyone. Bring out the 'hero' in your game today. Learn More

  2. Innova Super HeroPack Disc Backpack  

    Innova Super HeroPack Disc Backpack

    The Super HeroPack is a premium backpack disc bag for players who are serious about organization and style. We’ve taken our popular Hero Pack and made it bigger and stronger starting with a new lightweight, stiff frame. With water resistant top zippers, tough 600D fabric, and triple-riveted feet, this is one of the toughest bags on the course. Learn More

  3. Innova DISCarrier Disc Bag

    With enough pockets, zippers, compartments and storage areas to satisfy everyone, the DISCarrier bag truly allows you to arrive in style. Capable of holding enough 235s for an entire competition (approximately 20-size 235) and still having room for water, tunes, grub and maybe even a place to take the trophy home, the DISCarrier will help the disc pros keep their gear as tight as their game! Learn More

  4. Innova Deluxe Disc Bag  

    Innova Deluxe Disc Bag

    A great addition to any disc dogger’s or golfer’s gear, the Innova/Hero Deluxe Bag is just that, DELUXE! With a number of compartment and pockets, this bag will hold the gear you need most for an extended practice at the park. It also serves well for competition day and will have your game looking as good off the field as it does on the field! Learn More

  5. Hero Practice Super Bundle-Blem

    Hero Practice Super Bundle-Blem
    Build your own Custom Hero Practice Super Bundle filled with Hero Blem discs.
    With the purchase of a combination of Hero Disc USA Blem discs you will receive a Hero Super DISCount!
    Choose from our Air, Xtra, Super Sonic, Superstar, Superhero, or SuperAero Blem discs (based on availability).
    Hero is throwing in our popular Practice Bag into the discount mix.
    Learn More

    From: $58.95

    To: $69.70

  6. Starter Disc Bag  

    Starter Disc Bag

    The Essentials

    Originally designed for Disc Golf, the Innova Starter Bag will help get your disc dog game off the ground. Priced for the budget minded disc dogger, this bag will work well for new teams and seasoned vets looking for a quick way to get enough discs to the park for a good practice session. Learn More

  7. Hero Practice Bag orange  

    Hero Practice Bag

    Hero Practice Bag. This 100% canvas bag can carry enough discs for a day at the park, and is rugged enough to hold everything you need for a day at the beach, or hiking up Red Rocks. Learn More

  8. Overstock Sale - 10 SuperSonic 215 Blem + Free Starter Bag  

    Overstock Sale - 10 SuperSonic 215 Blem + Free Starter Bag

    Hero Disc USA is overstocked with the popular Super Sonic 215- Blem discs.
    Take advantage of this HOT offer.
    Purchase 10 Super Sonic 215 Blems and we will include our Innova Starter Bag FREE!
    The Super Sonic 215 is a smaller (215mm/8.5 inches), lighter version of the Super Hero and/or Super Star.
    The Super Sonic weighs approximately 124(+/-2) grams making it one of the most durable dog discs in this weight range on the market.
    The Super Sonic not only adds distance to your throws compared to traditional dog discs, but is extra durable and puncture resistant.
    Smaller diameter discs tend to fly faster and may require more spin to maximize flight characteristics.
    Learn More

  9. BackSaver Strap  

    BackSaver Strap

    BackSaver Strap The Hero Strap System allows hands-free operation of your cutting edge Hero Disc Bags. Our BackSaver Straps are made to fit our DISCarrier, Competition, and Deluxe disc bags and the CaddySeat Learn More

  10. CaddyPack Combo  

    CaddyPack Combo

    Innova created the Caddy Pack so you can always have a seat at the ready. They integrated their already proven BackSaver straps with a sturdy, lightweight aluminum seat to simplify your gear. Learn More

    From: $24.99

    To: $94.98