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Hero Disc USA manufactures a full line of flying discs, including the Pup 120 Air 235, Atom 185 Xtra 235, SuperSonic 215, SuperAero 235, SuperHero 235, SuperStar 235 and SuperSwirl 235 models; designed for general play & canine disc competition. In addition, Hero makes the Dodgebee, a soft foam disc used in a game similar to dodge ball; popular in Japan's school systems.

Our company's primary mission is to promote flying disc sports, worldwide. We are dedicated to quality manufacturing and product development to meet the unique needs and expectations of our customers…both human and canine alike.

Hero Disc USA produces and sponsors Disc Golf and Disc Dog events and championships worldwide. Hero’s fundraising efforts have directly supported the installation of Disc Golf Courses in Russia, Finland, Japan, Taiwan and Belize. Hero Disc USA is the proud sponsor of the Japan Open Disc Golf Tournament held in Nasu Shiobara, Tochigi Japan.

Hero Disc USA appreciates your support and hopes you enjoy our products.

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