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  1. Xtra 235 Freestyle

    Hero is pleased to unleash on the disc dog world the ultimate canine freestyle disc. We have taken some of the grippiness out of the Xtra Distance model, retained the durability and have a disc that will become the standard for freestyle play. The smoother feel allows competitors to slide the discs out of a stack quickly and the increased durability guarantees more playing time with your canine partner, as well as an overall safer disc experience.
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  2. Sonic Xtra 215-Distance

    Sonic Xtra 215-Distance
    The Sonic Xtra 215-Distance is a fast flyer that is pet friendly and great for puppies, smaller dogs, smaller hands and beginners.
    Grippy and light weight. The perfect small disc! Learn More

  3. DX Condor-Blizzard

    DX Condor-Blizzard Take our Hero Disc USA DX Blizzard Condor out for a test drive and let us know what you think. Known for its superior glide and accuracy, the Condor is great as a throw and catch disc. Learn More

  4. Xtra 235 Distance

    Xtra 235 Distance model. Has stickier plastic that allows you to grip it and rip it, even with a disc coated in dog slobber. Since inception, this disc has won more toss & catch and distance events than any other disc.

    Disc Size: 235 (235mm; standard disc) 
    Disc Weight: 110gram +/- 2g 

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  5. Hero Pup 120

    The Hero Disc type 120 is the best performing mini disc available. It weighs 23 grams and measures 120 mm from edge to edge. Unlike other mini discs the type 120 is very easy to throw long and straight. A great training tool for a small puppy. ***The Pup 120 is a flying mini disc and not a chew toy. Learn More

  6. Air 235

    The disc of choice for Pro Disc Doggers worldwide, the Hero Air 235 will elevate your game like a long, floating 90 yard bomb. This is the same disc used by current and past World, National, Regional and Local Champions. Learn More

  7. Air 235-Blem  

    Air 235-Blem

    Air 235-Blem

    We messed up the stamp and you save! Hero Hot Stamp Blem discs are now available with no minimum purchase requirement.
    These discs are in perfect and new condition with only hot stamp cosmetic flaws. Learn More


  8. Dia De Los Perros- Air 235  

    Dia De Los Perros- Air 235

    Dia De Los Perros! Day of the Dog brought to you by Hero Disc USA! Get your spooky Hero Disc and support your favorite canine companion while supplies last! Learn More

  9. Happy Hero Halloween Flying Discs- "Bone-Chill Puppy" AIR 235  

    Happy Hero Halloween Flying Discs- "Bone-Chill Puppy" AIR 235

    Bone-Chill Puppy flies gracefully through our Airy Cemetery. Get your set of colors before the demise of our supplies! Happy Hero Halloween! (Foil colors are random) Learn More



    Official Hero Cup XTRA 235 Distance Disc Support the Hero Cup Distance Competition in style! Pick up a limited XTRA 235 Official Distance Disc while supplies last! Disc Designs feature Disc Dog Champions Kirby McNab and Gary Duke. Designs and colors are awarded randomly. Learn More