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  1. Japan Open R-Pro Boss

    R-Pro Boss
    END OF SUMMER SPECIAL SAVE ON THE R-PRO BOSS-PUT THIS LONG DRIVER IN YOUR BAG! Now available for the first time in our Boss mold, this disc is designed for maximum distance off the tee. Super light at 150 class and easy to throw, the R-Pro Boss will be the longest range driver in your bag. This disc features a brand new Japan Open collectible design "Soaring Pheasant". Learn More

  2. GStar TeeBird - Japan Open Octopus  

    GStar TeeBird - Japan Open Octopus

    Meet the GStar TeeBird-a fresh new material that is highly grippy and slightly softer than our standard Star Material. Increase your grip level and shimmer with our Japan Open Octopus stamped GStar Teebird. Now Available in Japan Open certified weights. This unique material has a shimmer that is reminiscent of your favorite gemstone. Learn More

  3. Sonic Xtra 215-Freestyle

    Sonic Xtra 215-Freestyle
    The Sonic Xtra 215 - Freestyle is a fast flyer that is pet friendly and great for puppies, smaller dogs, smaller hands and beginners.
    Smooth glide plastic allows you to move the discs off you stack with ease. The perfect small disc! Learn More

  4. Japan Open Atlas - Flat Top  

    Japan Open 2014 Atlas - Flat Top

    Innova’s latest invention, the Atlas, is available now, as it helps welcome back one of the most legendary Disc Golf events in history, the 2014 Japan Open.
    These numbered collectible Flat Top Atlas discs are all max weight (180g).
    Proceeds from the sale of these discs support the Japan Open Disc Golf event.
    These discs are not intended for use at the Japan open Disc Golf event.
    Learn More

  5. Japan Open 2014 Atlas - Blem  

    Japan Open 2014 Atlas - Blem

    JAPAN OPEN 2014 ATLAS - FLAT TOP - BLEM Learn More

  6. Blizzard Champion Tern (Hawk)

    Champion Blizzard Tern (Hawk)
    Hawks Represent Boldness, bravery and fighting spirit.
    Like the majestic hawk which graces the Tern; this disc has excellent speed and a flight path that maximizes glide over the entire flight.
    Hero Disc USA holds the lightest Champion Terns available. Learn More

  7. Champion Blizzard Krait Tiger  

    Champion Blizzard Krait Tiger

    The Krait's unique ability to achieve a mellow low speed fade, while simultaneously resisting high speed turn makes it a perfect choice for long range shot shaping off the tee. Sidearm throwers will appreciate the resistance to turn combined with a slow fade at the end of the flight. Learn More

  8. 2014 Japan Open Collector Ladies' 4.2 oz. Athletic Sport T-Shirt  

    2014 Japan Open Collector Ladies' 4.2 oz. Athletic Sport T-Shirt

    2014 Japan Open Collector Ladies' 4.2 oz. Athletic Sport T-Shirt
    2014 Japan Open Competitor Collector Dry Fit Ladies T-shirt.
    Celebrate the 2014 Japan Open Disc Golf Championships with a collector Competitor style shirt.
    Limited Quantities.

    Learn More

  9. Dia De Los Perros- Air 235  

    Dia De Los Perros- Air 235

    Dia De Los Perros! Day of the Dog brought to you by Hero Disc USA! Get your spooky Hero Disc and support your favorite canine companion while supplies last! Learn More

  10. My Dog is a Hero! AIR 235  

    My Dog is a Hero! AIR 235

    My Dog is a Hero! And so is Your Dog! Celebrate together with this cute and collectible print on our popular Air 235 model. Bring Out The Hero in Your Dog! Learn More