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  1. Air 235

    The disc of choice for Pro Disc Doggers worldwide, the Hero Air 235 will elevate your game like a long, floating 90 yard bomb. This is the same disc used by current and past World, National, Regional and Local Champions. Learn More

  2. SuperAero 235 - K9 Candy

    Hero Super Aero - K9 Candy
    (formerly known as 1st Generation Super Aero)
    Made from a special formula of Super Hero plastic, the Super Aero is an advanced durability disc with weights ranging from 111-116 grams!!
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  3. SuperAero 235 - Starlite

    The SuperAero 235 ~ Starlite is an advanced durability disc that is much lighter than it's SuperStar 235 counterpart.
    Light -weight plus durable plastic equals longer and more consistent throws with your favorite companion!

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  4. Xtra 235 Distance-Super Soft- SPECIAL RUN  

    Xtra 235 Distance-Super Soft- SPECIAL RUN

    Limited Run of Super Soft Xtra 235 Distance Discs have been produced. Enjoy while supplies last! Xtra 235 Distance model has stickier plastic that allows you to grip it and rip it, even with a disc coated in dog slobber. This particular run is Xtra Soft! Since inception,Xtra Distance has won more toss & catch and distance events than any other disc. Please test and provide review at our site and or social media sites! Disc Size: 235 (235mm; standard disc) Disc Weight: 107 gram Learn More

  5. SuperHero 235 Sports Disc Capeman  

    SuperHero 235 Sports Disc Capeman

    SUPERHERO 235- CAPE The Superhero 235 is an excellent throw and catch disc and a great entry level Disc Golf disc due to its friendly grip and glide. Learn More

  6. Happy Hero Holiday Discs  

    Happy Hero Holiday Discs

    Bring in the Holidays with Flying Disc Cheer. Fill your stockings with Hero Gear! Seasonal Offer while supplies last. Happy Hero Holidays! Learn More

  7. Superhero 235 - Ice Dye - Paw Print Design  

    Superhero 235 - Ice Dye - Paw Print Design

    Superhero 235 Ice Dye with PAW Print DYE.

    Superherol Ice Dye Super Sonic Discs are made from the same durable, bite resistant plastic as the Super Sonic K9 Candy discs.
    These discs are beautiful translucent canine candy, individually hand-crafted and top dyed with a unique PAW Print. We've marked these discs with our SPECIAL EDITION Stamp. Enjoy while supplies last!

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  8. Dia De Los Perros- Air 235  

    Dia De Los Perros- Air 235

    Dia De Los Perros! Day of the Dog brought to you by Hero Disc USA! Get your spooky Hero Disc and support your favorite canine companion while supplies last! Learn More

  9. SuperStar 235

    The SuperStar 235 is a durable,  bite resistant disc made in resilient opaque plastic. The SuperStar is available in a variety of colors to satisfy all of our K9 enthusiasts!

    Made in the USA.

    Disc Size: 235 (235mm diameter; standard size)

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  10. SuperHero 235

    SuperHero 235
    K-9 Candy discs come in a wide range of vivid, eye catching, translucent colors and feature puncture and bite resistant plastic.
    The SuperHero 235 disc is designed to give you more game time with your favorite companion.
    Disc size: 235mm 

    Hero Superhero 235 are now made with Blizzard Tecnology from Innova Champion Discs.  Blizzard technology incorporates thousands of microbubbles into our durable Superhero plastic. This allows for lower and more consistent weights.

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