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  1. Happy Hero Holiday Discs - Super-Star/Sonic - (K9 Discs)  

    Happy Hero Holiday Discs - Super-Star/Sonic - (K9 Discs)

    Bring in the Holidays with Cheer. Fill your bag with Hero Holiday Gear! Seasonal Offer while supplies last. Happy Hero Holidays! Learn More

  2. SuperAtom 185 - Firm Plastic  

    SuperAtom 185 - Firm Plastic

    Super Atom 185 FIRM Plastic
    One would need to study atomic physics to get up close and personal with an Atom. Hero has a better alternative. Positively charge your canine bond by adding the long awaited Super Atom 185 to your line-up! Learn More

  3. SuperAtom 185 - Firm Plastic Blem  

    SuperAtom 185 - Firm Plastic Blem

    SuperAtom 185 - Firm K9 Candy Plastic - Blemished Blems are random colors. Super Atoms have a comfortable grip and are especially good for cold weather play. Easy to throw for all skill levels, these Micro-Dog friendly fliers are guaranteed to satisfy. These discs are Blems due to bubbles in the rim, specks, and/or hot stamp cosmetic as well as slight physical flaws. We messed up the stamp and you save! We encourage all Super Atom test subjects to log their results at our product feedback page. Lab tested, Hero approved! Learn More

  4. SuperStar~SuperSonic Taffy Combo Pack  

    SuperStar~SuperSonic Taffy Combo Pack

    SuperStar meets SuperSonic Taffy! Have fun with these two Super popular Hero models. Play double catch with your friends or favorite canine companion. This combo set is discounted and subject to availability. Each set includes one SuperStar 235 and one Supersonic in Taffy plastic. Disc color preference is not available. Play catch and invent games! Learn More

  5. SuperAero 235 - K9 Candy-BLEM

    Hero Super Aero-K9 Candy-BLEM
    Made from a special formula of Super Hero plastic, the Super Aero is an advanced durability disc that weighs in between….ready?......116-132 grams!!
    Imagine a disc with the flight characteristics of the Hero Air 235 and the durability of the Super Hero!
    Now available at a Blem price!
    Disc size: 235 (235mm; standard size)
    Color and variety of color is subject to availability. Some orders may contain all one color, based on the color of Blem discs on hand at the time of shipping. These discs are Blems due to bubbles in the rim, specks, and/or hot stamp cosmetic as well as slight physical flaws. Learn More

  6. SuperSonic 215-Taffy

    Designed for dog disc pros, the SuperSonic 215-Taffy is a smaller (215mm/8.5 inches), lighter version of the SuperStar 235.
    The SuperSonic 215-Taffy weighs approximately 124(+/-6) grams making it one of the most durable dog discs in this weight range on the market.
    The SuperSonic not only adds distance to your throws compared to traditional dog discs, but is extra durable and puncture resistant.
    Smaller diameter discs tend to fly faster and require more spin to maximize flight characteristics.

    Learn More

  7. SuperClass Blems  


    "Sonny! In the good old days we used to throw trash can lids uphill in the snow all the way to the pin!"
    Hero Super Class is classic disc design combined with new and innovative plastic. Not intended for canine use.
    Learn More

  8. SuperHero 235 Ice Dye

    SUPERSWIRL ICE DYES are made from the same durable, bite resistant plastic as the SUPERHERO.
    As with the Superhero, SUPERSWIRL ICE DYES are beautiful translucent canine candy individually hand crafted and dyed with safe eco-friendly inks.
    Disc size: 235 (235mm; standard size) Learn More

  9. Hero SuperClass 235-DX

    Hero SuperClass 235-DX
    Be the first on the tee with the Hero SuperClass 235- DX
    Designed for Disc Golf and Super Class approved! Learn More

  10. SuperHero 235

    SuperHero 235
    K-9 Candy discs come in a wide range of vivid, eye catching, translucent colors and feature puncture and bite resistant plastic.
    The SuperHero 235 disc is designed to give you more game time with your favorite companion.
    Disc size: 235mm 

    Hero Superhero 235 are now made with Blizzard Tecnology from Innova Champion Discs.  Blizzard technology incorporates thousands of microbubbles into our durable Superhero plastic. This allows for lower and more consistent weights.

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