150 Class

Disc Golf Discs
  1. Pro-Vulcan-Hero Discman  

    Pro-Vulcan-Hero Discman

    Pro-Vulcan-Hero Discman One of Innova's lightest and longest distance Drivers, the Vulcan is truly a revolutionary advancement in flying disc technology. Defy Gravity. Throw lighter discs. Learn More

  2. Japan Open R-Pro Boss

    R-Pro Boss
    END OF SUMMER SPECIAL SAVE ON THE R-PRO BOSS-PUT THIS LONG DRIVER IN YOUR BAG! Now available for the first time in our Boss mold, this disc is designed for maximum distance off the tee. Super light at 150 class and easy to throw, the R-Pro Boss will be the longest range driver in your bag. This disc features a brand new Japan Open collectible design "Soaring Pheasant". Learn More

  3. Japan Open R-Pro XCaliber  

    Japan Open R-Pro XCaliber

    R-Pro plastic meets XCaliber for the first time!... Fresh out of the mold and fast out of the gate, be the first to fly this Japan Open high speed distance driver. Featuring the Japan Open Temple Guardian design, the R-Pro XCaliber will not disappoint. Learn More

  4. Champion Blizzard TeeDevil~Tiger  

    Champion Blizzard TeeDevil~Tiger

    Champion Blizzard TeeDevil~Tiger Defy Gravity! Throw Lighter Discs! Hero is excited to partner with Innova Champion discs and announce the latest technology from INNOVA. Blizzard Champion features a brand new breed of light weight drivers. Featuring the exclusive Hero Tiger. Learn More

  5. Blizzard Champion Tern (Hawk)

    Champion Blizzard Tern (Hawk)
    Hawks Represent Boldness, bravery and fighting spirit.
    Like the majestic hawk which graces the Tern; this disc has excellent speed and a flight path that maximizes glide over the entire flight.
    Hero Disc USA holds the lightest Champion Terns available. Learn More

  6. Champion Blizzard Ape (Crouching Tiger)  

    Champion Blizzard Ape (Crouching Tiger)

    Champion Blizzard Ape (Crouching Tiger)
    One day as a tiger is worth a thousand as a sheep.
    Attack the target. Strike to win!
    The Blizzard Ape Crouching Tiger discs are Bottom Stamped and Certified Japan Open Class Approved Learn More

  7. Colossus Starlite Warrior  

    Colossus Starlite Warrior

    Colossus Starlite Warrior
    Experience superhuman distance throws with the newest distance driver Colossus
    Colossus strength is now available with the exclusive Hero Warrior stamp.
    Learn More