Japan Open

Disc Golf Discs
  1. Champion Blizzard TeeDevil~Production Test Run-Blems  

    Champion Blizzard TeeDevil-Blem

    Champion Blizzard TeeDevil-Blems Defy Gravity! Throw Lighter Discs! Hero is excited to partner with Innova Champion discs and announce the latest technology from INNOVA. Blizzard Champion features a brand new breed of light weight drivers. Featuring the exclusive Hero Double Kabuki. Learn More

  2. Champion Vulcan/Banshee  

    Champion Vulcan/Banshee

    Champion Vulcan/Banshee

    So this Vulcan, Long Distance Driver, walks into a bar and meets a Banshee, mild-mannered Fairway Driver. The rest is history!

    From Innova: The Vulcan was designed for less powerful players that want to throw the shots of their dreams. Similar in flight to our Katana with less low speed fade.

    From Innova: The Banshee is a wind fighting fairway driver that's great for spike hyzers and sidearms

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