Disc Golf

Disc Golf Discs
  1. Hero SuperClass 235-DX

    Hero SuperClass 235-DX
    Be the first on the tee with the Hero SuperClass 235- DX
    Designed for Disc Golf and Super Class approved! Learn More

  2. Hero Ultimate Pulsar  

    Hero Ultimate Pulsar

    Hero Ultimate Pulsar ULTIMATE is a fast paced sport played with an Ultimate Disc. Learn More

  3. SuperHero 235 Sports Disc Capeman  

    SuperHero 235 Sports Disc Capeman

    SUPERHERO 235- CAPE The Superhero 235 is an excellent throw and catch disc and a great entry level Disc Golf disc due to its friendly grip and glide. Learn More



    Innova’s Discover Pack: The Essential Disc Golf Backpack Bag. Perfect as a starter backpack bag and for disc adventures when you need just the essentials. The main compartment hold 12 to 15 discs depending upon size. The top zipper pocket holds your valuables and can be an additional disc pocket. There’s the adjustable drink holder and a side pocket with velcro closure. It’s lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable! DISCover Disc Golf Today! Learn More