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Disc Golf Discs
  1. SuperClass Blems  


    "Sonny! In the good old days we used to throw trash can lids uphill in the snow all the way to the pin!"
    Hero Super Class is classic disc design combined with new and innovative plastic. Not intended for canine use.
    Learn More

  2. Hero SuperClass 235-DX

    Hero SuperClass 235-DX
    Be the first on the tee with the Hero SuperClass 235- DX
    Designed for Disc Golf and Super Class approved! Learn More

  3. Japan Open R-Pro Skeeter  

    Japan Open R-Pro Skeeter

    Be the first on your block to throw the R-PRO Skeeter. This R-Pro disc has a sweet feel and flies straight and true. And for the time being...you'll only find them here at Hero Disc USA. Learn More

  4. Japan Open Champion Banshee [+]  

    Japan Open Champion Banshee [+]

    Japan Open Champion Banshee [+] Learn More

  5. Tailgater - Atom 185 - RPro Plastic  

    Tailgater - Atom 185 - RPro Plastic

    NOT INTENDED FOR CANINE PLAY The 'Tailgater' Atom 185 is a compact flying disc built for fun and most excellent adventures. Whether you're tailgating or at your local Disc Golf course, the Tailgater is an accurate and safe disc that's easy to throw and catch. Learn More

  6. Hero Disc Golf Mystery Box-Japan Open Disc Golf  

    Hero Disc Golf Mystery Box-Japan Open Disc Golf

    Hero Disc Golf Mystery Box-Japan Open Disc Golf Mystery in Japanese is "Fushigi". Hero has an inventory of Japan Open Disc Golf themed discs secretly stashed. Limited supplies will be offered in Fushigi style box sets. Act quickly as these boxes are expected to mysteriously disappear. Learn More

    From: $29.99

    To: $59.98

  7. Octozilla Flat-Top Champion Firebird  

    Octozilla Flat-Top Champion Firebird

    HERO Disc Golf presents Octozilla on Flat-Top Champion Firebirds. HERO Firebirds come in a variety of special translucent colors and weights. Tame the course with savage beast, Octozilla! Learn More

  8. Samurai Star Destroyer  

    Samurai Star Destroyer

    HERO Disc Golf unveils the Samurai Star Destroyer, available in a variety of different colors! Slice through the air with the invincible Samurai! Learn More