Lou Mack

Lou Mack’s CoolDog Productions presents
JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show.

Lou Mack a two time World Champion Frisbee Dog handler based in Las Vegas Nevada, has been in the Entertainment Industry for over 20 years, and has produced High Performance Canine Action Sport Shows around the World, from Japan, Barcelona, Germany, France, Canada. Specializing in Creative event Canine productions, for Theme Parks, Fairs, Television, Sporting Events, Etc. Lou Mack , creator of the Purina Incredible Dog Team, Top Flight K-9’s, The Wonderful World of Kids and Dogs and the latest production that is getting Rave reviews – JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show. A Customized Stunt Dog Thrill Show, with two full time units traveling the Globe demonstrating the Art of CANINE SHRED. Lou Mack’s energetic style and creative routines matched with the most dynamic performing Dogs in the business was one the first to perform with Frisbee catching Dogs in Japan at the First Japan Expo, and the first to perform with Frisbee dogs in a Las Vegas Hotel Casino – Excalibur Hotel/Casino and more recently performed with his amazing dogs in the Middle East at the Muscat Festival, Oman Gulf Country. Married for 15 years with two daughters, Megan and Kaysee, Lou travels the country performing over 300 shows a year educating the importance of keeping our dogs happy and healthy through good exercise and good nutrition. With an emphasize on good positive messaging , Lou Mack and his talented team of handlers – John Casey, Tracy Custer, Donna Schoech, Annette Alfonzo, Michelle Feimster spread the word of Pet adoption as most of the Performing pets have been adopted/Rescued from Shelters through out the Country. JUMP! The Ultimate Dog Show, showcases Trick Freestyle Frisbee, “Stepup” High Jumping, Speed Agility, Head to Head Weave Pole Racing and the ever popular “Big Airs” Dock Diving. CoolDog Productions is excited to be a part of Team Hero as they exclusively indorse using Hero Products in keeping all of their canine athletes in Tip Top Shape through Disc play.