Tom Clements

Tom a.k.a. Team TnT, is very well known in the disc dog world, not only as one of the most successful people in the sports history but also as the founder/creator of the DDE (Disc DogEzine). But he may be better known for his rescuing unwanted dog efforts. He and his famous rescued pup Taylor are World/National and Professional Disc Dog Champions/Finalists and have used their accomplishments to help bring to the forefront the need to find homes for the millions of unwanted dogs in the world. The owner of 20 of his own rescued pups, Tom not only talks the talk but he walks the walk!

Tom was a Deputy Sheriff in Southern California for 15 years, he took up the sport of disc dogs 10 years ago as an outlet for not only his strong competitive nature but also as an outlet for some of his high strung pups. He was quickly hooked on the sport and with Taylor by his side took over the disc dog scene in the West in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Not only were they winning just about all of the major contests they also were being featured in major motion pictures, print ads and television commercials.

Tom and his wife Mary created a sport dog performance show about 7 years ago in an effort to showcase their own troupe of rescues with hopes to help organizations that find homes for unwanted dogs. What started out to be just a small weekend type show has now turned into the full time professional ULTIMATE CANINES HIGH PERFORMANCE DOG SPORT AND COMEDY SHOW! Tom, Mary and 13 of their dogs perform on an average of 300 individual shows a year and in each show they talk about the need to rescue dogs. They accomplish this by showcasing their own pups which are all rescued, adopted or found on the streets. This show is the talk of the town for 2008 and they are scheduled to appear for the next few years at a major amusement park along with huge individual shows across the US and Canada!

Another thing that Tom has done for the sport of disc dogs is to promote the safety portion of the sport; he is very adamant about using the proper equipment and refuses to use anything he thinks may be dangerous to his pups. We are ecstatic to say that Tom uses exclusively Hero brand flying discs for his (10 flying disc) pups!