Gary Duke

Gary Duke

Gary Duke

Gary Duke started disc dogging in 2005 and has been addicted to the sport ever since. Gary and his wife, Sarah, live in Wesley Chapel, Florida and have a wonderful pack of 3 Australian Shepherds and 2 Border Collies who all compete in flying disc and travel all over the country. Gary has made huge strides in the disc dog community in such a short time with his Black Tri Australian Shepherd, Bayer, an incredible dog who takes you on a "Vertical Joyride" every time he plays! Bayer has been an amazing ambassador for the breed, a very well mannered Australian Shepherd in almost every situation, whether it be competing in agility, flying disc or meeting children and handicapped adults after one of our many demos at local charitable events.

Gary and Bayer have been multiple time World Finalists in most of the major disc dog organizations and are currently Skyhoundz World Record holders in Xtreme Distance in the Light Plastic division (218 feet 2 inches). They have finished in the top 10 in the UFO World Cup Standings for the past three years in a row. Gary and Bayer also hold a spot in the top ten for longest throws and catches in the Quadruped, another long distance competition with a catch at just over 80 yards. They won the 2009 Purina Incredible Dog Challenge Eastern Regional and National Finals in Flying Disc, so keep your eyes peeled for them on ESPN and/or ABC. They have also had the great opportunity to perform at several professional sporting events for the Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Bay Storm, Daytona Beach Thunderbirds.

Gary and Bayer continue to be a well respected disc dog team on and off the field as is evident with the back-to-back Brett Austin "Dream On" Awards they received at the annual Florida State Disc Dog Championships the past two years. Additionally, this team displayed their positive influence in the community when invited to be a special guest speaker at Claywell Elementary at the "Great American Teach-In" and thoroughly entertained the students while educating them on topics such as pet rescue and adoption, basic trick training with positive reinforcement techniques, safety on how to approach dogs, and finished off with some high flying disc dogging.

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