Julia Zimmermann (C)

Julia Zimmermann (C)

Julia Zimmermann

Julia's career as disc-dogger started 2001, when her first dog Lara jumped into her life and decided that flying plastic discs are her favorite toy. Since this year Julia is established in the top ten of the disc-dog scene and celebrated with her Border Collie Lara, a wide range of national and international achievements and does not just delight the audience at competitions with her skills, but even the audience at her shows.

She is not just active in competing successfully at competitions. She also enjoys sharing her longtime experience in her book: Discdogging: Tips and tricks for beginners and advanced learners. In her seminars and her training lessons with her Team ( FundogTeam, in Karlsruhe , Germany )she also shares her knowledge with all who are interested and active in the sport.

Her hometown, Karlsruhe, is also the location of her annual event she’s hosted since 2006. Since 2008 her event, FundogTeam Jam, is an AWI qualifier. Julia is the AWI European Tournament Director and a key person in the organization.

Next to all these activities, Julia´s name can be found on many more projects, where she plays an important part. For example the Call-Out , a new Freestyle-system, which she developed together with Björn Tigges. Björn and she started in 2011 the education of judges; with judging workshops all over Europe. During these workshops she shares her wealth of experience as judge with player to those who are interested.

Disc Dog Tips

"Enjoy every moment with your dog and keep the sport fun!!"

"Take the time to find out what abilities your dog has and what abilities you have and then make the best you can out of it! Never forget you and your dog are a TEAM!"

 12th UFO WCF - San Diego, CA
 8th Freestyle UFO WCF - San Diego, CA
 7th World Ranking
 3rd UFO EU Championships
 1st Freestyle UFO EU Championships
 1st UFO Major - Den Ham
 2nd UFO Major - Karlsruhe
 1st Freestyle UFO Major - Karlsruhe
 3rd UFO Major - Assen
 2nd Freestyle UFO Major - Assen
 4th UFO Major - Holland
 3rd UFO Major - Houston, TX
 1st Freestyle UFO Major - Houston, TX
 6th UFO World Finals - Houston, TX
 2nd Freestyle UFO World Finals - Houston, TX
 5th World Ranking
 5th UFO Major - Aalten
 3rd Freestyle UFO Major - Aalten
 9th UFO Major - Daytona Beach, FL
 11th UFO Finals - Daytona Beach, FL
 1st BCC Karlsruhe (UFO German Champion)
 15th AWI World Championships
 1st BCC Karlsruhe (UFO German Champion)
 1st BCC Karlsruhe (UFO German Champion)
 2nd EC (UFO)
Hometown: Karlsruhe, Germany
Years Competing: Since 2001
Disc Dog Club: FundogTeam
Website: www.fundogteam.com
K9 Athletes:
  • Lara | Border Collie
  • LeeLoo | Border Collie
Charities: Local Shelters & Rescue Centers
Social Links: Facebook
Pictures: Caskary & Klaus Wickenberg