Mike Hanson

Mike Hanson

Mike Hanson

I started disc dogging 5 years ago with my dog MaggEY and the club Colorado disc dogs. I saw a demonstration at a park by house our house then went out the next day to try it out and have been hooked ever since. She has taken me all over the country to perform and compete. I now have 3 dogs that I love to spend my time with playing.

I got MaggEY when she was 10 weeks old from rescue in Colorado Springs, CO. Her litter was left in a field to fend for themselves and we were lucky enough to get her. MaggEY is currently the 2011 UFO WORLD CUP CHAMPION and the 2010 and 2011 Colorado State Champion. She is the only dog in the history of Colorado to sweep the entire season and win all 3 major year end awards. With only good things to come the sky is the limit for this dog. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends at all of the events we attend.

When not on the field with my dogs I enjoy teaching people how to play with their dogs. Meeting new people and seeing old friends from all over the country is definitely a positive to being involved with this sport. I have made a lot of friends thanks to my dogs and I hope to make many more.

Disc Dog Tips

"You have to have fun while playing with your dog. Your dog will feed off of your energy and will love to play as much as you do. Always keep it fun and new."

"Practice your throws. Disc dog is unlike any other dog sport in which the handler needs to practice as much as the dog. You can have the best routine in the world but if you shank all of your throws that’s all people will remember."

2011 UFO World Cup Champions
2010 and 2011 Colorado State Champions
4 time Ashley Whippet World Championship Qualifier
2 time Mens Open Quadruped Winner
3 Time Skyhoundz World Finalist
2 time participant in the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge
Hometown: Denver CO, USA
Years Competing:
Disc Dog Club: Colorado Disc Dogs
Discs Used:
K9 Athletes:
  • MaggEY | Border Collie Mix (rescue dog)
  • Cooper | Border Collie Mix (rescue dog)
  • Jordan | Border Collie Mix (Wife's dog lol)
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