Todd Murnan (C)

Todd Murnan (C)

Todd Murnan

Todd actually started out as a service dog trainer – he raised six service dog puppies for CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) from 2000 to 2007. He got his Belgian Malinois Bella right before he turned in his last service dog pup, and from there got hooked on dog sports and transitioned into sport/performance dogs. He started competing in disc dog events at the end of the 2007 season, and won the Ashley Whippet World Championship with Bella two years later.

Todd and Bella have been disc dog world finalists every year since 2008. They have been two-time California state disc dog champions and are the 2012 Texas state champions. Todd and his rescue Cattle Dog Grit have also qualified for several national/world disc championships. Grit added dock diving to his repertoire in 2011, and in his very first competition broke the Cattle Dog breed world record with a 23' jump.

Todd joined the Purina Incredible Dog Team in early 2012.

He has also performed with DOGS: The Incredible Show since 2009 – he and his pack have traveled with DOGS to Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Miami and have entertained thousands of people in over 100 shows.

Todd loves performing in front of people and showing them the fun that can be had and the relationship that can be built between a dog and human.

Disc Dog Tips

"While playing toss and catch always look at your dog before you make the toss so you can know when to make the throw so the dog can make the catch."

"Slow down and don’t look rushed while playing freestyle. Play to the strengths of the dog. "

2012 Texas State Champion - Big Air Bella
2009 AWI World Champion - Big Air Bella
2008-09 California State Champion - Big Air Bella
2012 AWI Finalist - Grit
ADC World Record for Dock Diving - Grit
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Years Competing: 5
Disc Dog Club:
Disc Dogs in Southern California
K9 Athletes:
  • Bella | Beligian Malinois
  • Grit | ACD
  • Glock | Border Staffy
  • Sky, Fringe & Punk| Border Collies
Charities: Canine Companions For Independence
Social Links: